Question by Jack Waugh: Should I accept this Job Offer OR Not ?
Hey guys , I did my bachelors in Information Tehchnology & I’m a fresher.
Sad thing about me is that there were no campus held at my college.
Fortunately I have got an offer from company named “Directi” for the job profile of Web Developer.
My job will involve “PHP Programming”.
But I love “Java programming” & I also made my study projects in “Java”.
And I’m keen to get job in “Java”.
Now what I am supposed to do ??
Should I accept this job offer or not ?
What is the scope of PHP against Java in future ?
Please suggest me very honestly.

Note :- Only IT Professionals are allowed to answer this question.

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Answer by malica
PHP is the 4th most popular programming language and absolutely going into PHP opens up a lot of opportunities for you doing development of web applications (any querying of a server for more information, such as amazon looking up books that you searched for would use PHP). Neither PHP nor Java should be going anywhere for a while yet.

Accept the offer. Job offers are hard to come by these days. Even if this job doesn’t work out for you after a year you’ll be able to have now not just one but two programming languages on your CV.

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  1. Go for it – you are going to learn many programming languages in a lifetime in IT. As others have said – job offers are hard to get right now. I would go for this and get in there and starting coding…

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