Question by hopscotch: Why do women take critiques of feminism so personally?
Modern feminism is not the noble quest for equality some women think. …& yet some women get so defensive & emotional when anyone tries to point to areas where feminism has failed & where feminists have fallen off the beam.

Feminism is not above critique.

Feminists have a long history of saying some pretty nasty things about men.

Feminists have a long history of creating & supporting laws that are sexist & slanted.

Feminists are not perfect.

I have been researching feminism for a long time. (Really researching it… not just adopting the tag for myself & feeling all empowered & happy.) I’ve read tons of articles from feminists & I’ve read tons of articles from anti-feminists.

The amount of anti-male & anti-society & anti-marriage filth that comes from the side of feminism is staggering.

The amount of “re-programming” of our young boys away from masculinity is nothing short of disgusting.

Research modern feminism. You’ll see.


so um.. do you remember the thing you clicked on taking you into this thread? Read that.

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Answer by me<3
you know what? you gotta be born into a girl to answer that
and I don’t understand what that has to do with you boys

well, how would you feel if you were called girly and feminine? that goes exactly with the girls. if anyone disses you about anything, you feel “ungirly”. It is confusing but that’s why we are called girls.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: Why do women take critiques of feminism so personally?”

  1. Gee, there is actual science in that article which is informed in the work being done on sexual variance. Prepare for an ideological avalanche.

  2. so um… where’s the question. i see an essay without a clear question. so how does one respond?

  3. I think that a minority of women are extreme feminists, so when anti-feminists make stereotypes about all feminists, it annoys them just as men get annoyed when you stereotype them.

    I get annoyed when someone assumes I am anti-men just because I describe myself as a feminist.

    And I agree. Some feminists have said some nasty things about men.

  4. What I never understood, is why do feminists generalize so much more heavily than other groups?

    e.g. feminism has (and continues to in some circles, if not all) attacked men as a group… that’s half the population of our planet being attacked just because they haven’t got the top job, or because they chose less hours and hence, logically get paid less, etc.

    Whereas – anti-feminists attack ‘feminism’ as a movement, yet we’re accused of attacking ‘women’ constantly. Why are they unable to differentiate between half-the-population and a-minority-people (not just women, some men too)?

    Isn’t it odd, that feminists accuse men of stereotyping women, when they do the precise thing they are unjustly accusing men (as a whole) of doing?

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