Question by heyheyhey: Unsa man I think you can help!?
You answered my question about HTML codes and you sound like you’re a techie and I would love your help! I asked this question earlier but:
It doesn’t really matter, but the phone I got is the LG500. I installed the software because the phone is an mp3 player but I’m having trouble browsing for music! I can bring up the program…. “LG Mobile Agent” or “LG Music” but when I browse for music, the folders always appear blank! Even though I know I have music saved to that folder? Is there something I can do to get the software to detect my music? Finally, does it make a difference that I don’t have an external memory in my phone yet?

Thanks much
or ANYBODY else that can help!

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Answer by LATINO
If I’m not mistaking u have to have the Tflash card in the phone in order to see the MP3 files on the folders (in your comp), not 100% sure.

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