Question by Royalty Stock: Lol.. So, why do people complain about blacks and welfare, but no one says anything about Jews and Israel?
Blacks want welfare programs ( which isn’t enough if you ask me ) for cultural genocide and everyone berates them for it “lazy” this and “lazy” that, meanwhile the Jews survive a petty six year extermination campaign during the Holocaust, and as a result are given their own strip of land amidst a pre-existing nation ( Palestine ) and all is well? Lol… Interesting.. So, why won’t America just give us our own strip of land like the Brits did with the Jews ( with the international community’s blessings, no less.. [email protected] thought of selling land that already belongs to someone else .. gotta love the way this world works )? The Germans paid out between $ 60 and $ 80 million in compensation for the Holocaust ( to date ) as a result of negotiations between Jewish institutions and the Germans. So, white America, if they were paid $ 60 – $ 80 million from the Germans alone for something that only lasted six years, you ( white america ) should be in debt to us forever.. Maybe you’ll give us a strip of land in the Caribbean to claim as our own nation someday.. and for all practical purposes, you can say America is another extension of Jewish entitlement.. afterall, they are the wealthiest here, they run the banks, real estate, entertainment, and every other major industry in the U.S.

Look at all the “entitlement programs” for Jews WORLDWIDE, but it’s so much worse when blacks demand it, right? *eyeroll*.. And I don’t mean to compare tragedies, but if anyone DESERVES anything, it’s us.

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Answer by Ice ’em
Nobody should expect handouts, get out and work for it.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Lol.. So, why do people complain about blacks and welfare, but no one says anything about Jews and Israel?”

  1. Jews get special treatment for the ‘holocaust’. Generally speaking, the jews here are some of the richest people on island.

  2. i support this. Black people need their own state, as a nation. That way, they can preserve their race.

    Support black nationalism!!!!!

    But the only problem is the Jews are pro globalization. and yes the Jews are in power.

  3. I stopped reading when you refereed to the extermination of Jewish people during the Holocaust as petty.

  4. The countless whites who incessantly whimper about “how African Americans are always complaining about slavery when other ethnic groups have gone through their own trials and tribulations”: oftentimes these whites bring up non-American issues, such as Jews and genocide. They fail to realize that the Jews and most oppressed ethnic groups have received reparations, while African Americans have not (as stated here ). They also tend to idiotically bring up ethnic groups that, like the Jews, didn’t experience their victimization here in the states while African Americans did; in other words, one incident is relevant to this country and other incidences are not; issues that didn’t take place in the U.S. and have no bearing to this country have no business being discussed nor complained about here. Another thing that must be considered is the American media is very advanced and global and thusly what Americans discuss is what everyone gets wind of; this is to say, who knows what any non-American ethnic groups complain about where their ethnic issues are relevant when they have no global media. Issues regarding the socially acceptable anti-black mistreatment era only gradually coming to an end 35 years ago in AMERICA have lingering negative effects on today’s AMERICAN society; the genocide of Jews over in EUROPE does not. Besides all that, people are discriminated against more so based upon race than religion in today’s American society. People are also more identifiable by their physical appearance than they are by their religion. The fact that individuals are attacked based upon their blackness more so than their religion is proven by the mere fact that blacks are always forced to bring up slavery and subsequent legalized racial discrimination due to slews of bored whites race-baiting as a pastime. If you’re in need of more statistical evidence of this fact, even as according to the FBI, race-based hate crimes, most of which are anti-black, far exceed religious-based hate crimes, most of which are anti-Jew (as shown here ).

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