Q&A: How to remove the “Start search engine”?

Question by Z: How to remove the “Start search engine”?
Whenever my aunt opens a new tab in either Firefox or Internet Explorer, this start search engine opens in this new tab. Tried removing it in “my programs”, couldn’t find it. Tried to disable the add on, didn’t work. I’m starting to think that this “may” be malware of some sort.

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Answer by mircea_bani
It is simple. Go to preferences and the first tab that opens is related to your homepage. You can choose to let it blank or to start another site that you like.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: How to remove the “Start search engine”?”

  1. Colanth says:

    Tools/Options/General. Set it to show a blank page. If that doesn’t fix it, it’s probably malware.

  2. David says:

    Might be malware. I would use a program like ESET SysInspector or something similar. Worst case you use a malware remover and nothing comes up. Then you can see what else it might be.

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