Question by plattersby: How do I uninstall Internet Explorer and then install something else (like Firefox)?
When I go to “Uninstall Program” in Control Panel, Internet Explorer doesn’t even show up on the list.

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Answer by Jo Han
Internet Explorer is an integrated part of windows and cannot be uninstalled. If you don’t like it, just don’t use it. Download Firefox and the first time you use it it will ask if you want to use Firefox as your default web browser, just click YES and your computer will then use Firefox for everything instead of explorer.

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  1. You can do that by going to add / remove programs
    then turn off /on windows features (depending on the system you use)

    then just uncheck it

    However this is not recommended for Windows users

    hope it helped


  2. It cant be taken down, it came with the pc. But u can use safari, and firefox and google chrome. Just dont use internet explorer.

  3. Internet Explorer is made by Microsoft who also makes Windows, so it is integrated into the system. To install Firefox simply go to, download & install. And start using. It should ask you to make it the default browser when you 1st launch it.

  4. 1. To uninstall Internet Explorer, Mighty Uninstaller can help you do it perfectly.
    2. To install another browser, you can easily find it on the internet.

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