Question by rainy d: How can I uninstall a “zwinky” toolbar from my internet browser?
My daughter accidentally installed this zwinky toolbar. I can’t see it in my “Add/remove programs” place.

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Answer by gabriel.presso
Search for a tool called Spybot Search&Remove. It’s free and quite reliable – download, update and run. It *might* fix your problem.
If that doesn’t work and assuming your operating system is what I think it is, look for a tool called Hijackthis.exe – it will allow you to deactivate individual plug-ins in your browser. IF not sure what is what, submit your hijackthis log to one of the forums discussing the issue and ask for help – you will generally get a more reliable answer than here.
Last thing – you might have to do the above in Safe Mode if zwinky proves to be very resilient. Good luck!

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  1. To uninstall the My Web Search toolbar:

    1) From your computer’s ‘Start’ button, select ‘Settings’, then ‘Control Panel’
    2) Double-click on ‘Add/Remove Programs’ for Windows XP or ‘Programs and Features’ for Windows Vista
    3) Select “My Web Search” (Product name)** or “Fun Web Products”(Product name)**
    4) Click ‘Remove’.
    5) You must reboot your computer to completely remove the toolbar.

    Please note that once you have removed the toolbar, you will no longer have access to Smiley Central, Zwinky, My Fun Cards Popular Screensavers, Cursor Mania or Webfetti.

    **This will be the name of the site that you downloaded the toolbar from.”

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