Question by Father Jack: Does anyone want to help make my MMO?

Im looking to make my first MMo with the 2D mmo making program “eclipse” (,426.0.html) And I am looking for mildly experienced workers to help create my vision. I have only just downloaded this program and started mapping out my ideas. here they are.

“12 Islands”

Year unknown, Civilization has been and gone. Slowly the forces of nature took back what is hers, now only one tribe small tribe of people survive. They are located on the small tropical island “Valley” , Valley will be the tutorial zone, there will be 11 other islands dedicated to PvP, Skill leveling, Mini Games, and PvE. As players progress they gain access to new islands. On these islands, creatures have evolved into beasts and monster. The time of guns is over, players use their resource to create and buy tribal styled weapons.

I have one issue the prevents me from creating this game solo (maybe you can help me with this also?) I recently formated my Sony Vaio (VGN-C31GH) vista, and put Windows XP on it. I have all the correct drivers except for some reason I cant get any sound drivers to work? ive tried many from the official website. This sucks because “eclipse” will not open unless I have working sound?

Can any one help me with either of these things?

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Answer by Franky L
sorry man i can’t help but i can give you some ideas:
Try to get friends to help you make the game then you are less worried if they might steal your idea.

Try to make classes such as Druid, which has transformations and shapeshifting to defend yourself, and warriors, archers, stuff like that.

Alliances will be good so you can play with friends.

I don’t know just be creative and think of new ideas people haven’t thought of yet.

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