• Learn PHP scripting language version 5 and 6 using practical sample codes (included in the CD for practice)
  • Learn MySQL database application and how to work with PHP
  • Flash-based interactive training with step-by-step narration
  • Full screen for easy viewing and playback controller for navigation
  • Total of 24 hour of learning with sample codes and applications

Product Description
Amazing eLearning presents the best self-study training course for PHP and MySQL. This is an instructional training program that offers a quick and easy method for harnessing the vast potential of PHP scripting language, MySQL database and their applications. You will spend your time studying and learning the material by using our sample codes. In addition, your schedule is your own. You can study as quickly or slowly you need to. By the time you are ready to find a… More >>

PHP and MySQL Training Course by Amazing eLearning

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