Question by McBane: Java programming or Flash programming?
So I have to choose between “Java Programming” and “Flash Programming” as an elective (I have to pick one). Both classes are introductory level. Which does everyone suggest and why? Neither are relevant to my career goals (working on A.I.) but I do have a website I could use either on maybe to make little widgets or games or something for my members? Anyway, whats your suggestion and reasons? thanks 🙂
edit – It’s not javascript … it’s JAVA Programming

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Answer by Jonathan C
if you wanna work on AI’s i would use JAVA. Most stuff on games and stuff is using JAVAscript.
and robots also use a type of Javascript,

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  1. Your best bet would be to go with flash programing, flash is more widely accepted, loads faster, and has much smoother browser integration, if you are using them for a web site. Also, don’t underestimate the power of these programing languages, I’ve seen a fully functioning (and quite decent) chess opponent coded totally in java script, good luck with your classes…

  2. First, realise that Java and Javascript are totally and completely different languages. The syntax is superficially similar, but they are different beasts.

    If you’re going into AI, chances are you’ll be working with Java at some point. If you just want to develop cute little widgets / games, Flash is a better choice because that’s what it’s made for. Java is a general purpose language better suited for long-running programs, like servers (webservers) and some desktop applications.

  3. I would also suggest Java. Flash seems designed more for interactive media (flash movies, games, etc), but general-purpose programs probably wouldn’t be written in Flash. Java is more useful for just general coding, and is also one of the more popular languages, so there are lots of useful libraries and resources on the internet.

    You can definitely write A.I. stuff in Java too… As an introductory course, Java will likely be useful as well since its syntax is inspired by C/C++.

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