Question by Ben: Is this report about the Pentagon’s “Military Analyst Program” for real?
See this link from NYT

It shows an ORGANIZED EFFORT by the Pentagon to spread disinformation to the people to “sell” the Iraq war?

It also shows how the media collusion?

I am aware of the constant mainstream media brainwashing about politics, but had not heard about this until yesterday.

The NYT article is lengthy. This link sums it up.

Pentagon Propaganda: So Much Worse Than We Thought

Tell me it ‘aint so ….


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Answer by oimwoomwio
Sorry, anyone who tells you ’tain’t so will be deceiving you.

The analysts in question are readily admitting that this is in fact the case–some of them are pretty bitter about it. One of them, a guy named Allard, wrote a book about it two years ago. He was on NPR the other day expressing genuine surprise that the issue has taken this long to surface.

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One thought on “Is this report about the Pentagon’s “Military Analyst Program” for real?”

  1. Yes it is. Not surprising to see the Bush administration using vile propaganda techniques. I always expected that much, the important issue here is that the American media, a so called liberal media doesn’t protest or object to these kinds of indoctrination. This was not only on fox but widespread.

    Free Press Executive Director Josh Silver issued the following statement:

    “Government-sanctioned propaganda violates every conceivable standard of journalism. That it has been allowed to continue unquestioned and undisclosed for years is an indictment of both this White House and a docile American media. An administration secretly using the press to force a pro-war agenda on the public is not a partisan issue.

    I can only agree. This is a disgrace

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