Question by yars232c: Is this a small win for anti immigration?
GOP sees a San Diego message: Be tough on illegal immigration

I can’t paste it all here, but I would think we are being noticed, and should keep fighting harder, don’t you?

“Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and other supporters cited Bilbray’s victory as a factor influencing House leaders’ decision to suspend negotiations on the immigration bill while a series of town hall meetings on immigration are held across the country this summer. The House has made no secret of its disdain for the Bush-backed Senate version, which would allow many illegal immigrants to seek U.S. citizenship, and establishes a guest worker program.

“The political correctness bug has spread so blatantly — and for so long — that people are really fed up with the thought police,” he said. “I think people are finally rising up and saying, ‘You know, wrong is wrong, right is right, illegal is illegal.’ ”

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Kokcaker: I bleed for your wisdom. Please meet others to teach us the way of the world:
OK Angela, we know you lost this one, but there’s more to do, we know

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Answer by kuswati w
Bilbray dont want met Traitor MC CAINE he is just good for mexicans NOT for American send him to Tijuana.
Mc caine be president just for coorporation and Illegals just make worse this country .
find the US patriot for president

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7 thoughts on “Is this a small win for anti immigration?”

  1. Yes! (A small one). And quite frankly, the whole issue is pissin’ me off! Right is right, wrong is wrong… let’s round ’em up and ship ’em out! NOW!!!

  2. Certainly, the anti-immigration groups may be winning some battles, but they certainly will not win the war. It is much better to learn how to embrace diversity & not to fear diversity. In the end, everything will be just fine.

  3. Blah Blah Blah….

    Not every border town sees illegals as the enemy.

    The enemy in this country are bigots who claim to be patriots but have no clue about our history and what it took to make this country great.

    They blame others for all the ills of the world but refuse to point the finger at themselves.

    What difference have you made in someones life? What contribution did you make to this country to make it a better place ?

    What would those people in San Diego do without all that slave labor, who would wipe there asse$ ? I really wish they would get rid of all the illegals there, they would be lost…

  4. Yes, this is a victory. They are finally getting the idea that there is a good chance they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t start listening to actual US citizens.
    READ THIS–it’s from an anti-illegal immigration organization.

    FAIR Congratulates Brian Bilbray on His Return to Congress
    Bilbray Victory Shows Voters are Eager for True Comprehensive Immigration Reform
    Washington, DC—In an election in which immigration was the dominant issue, Brian Bilbray, who campaigned on a platform of immigration enforcement and staunch opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens, swept to victory in what was described as a bellwether congressional race. Bilbray, a Republican, overcame President Bush’s high disapproval numbers and a scandal that forced his predecessor to resign in disgrace by focusing on the issue of greatest concern to the voters in California’s 50th congressional district. Like much of the rest of the nation, people in the coastal region of San Diego County are fed up with mass illegal immigration and are demanding political leadership that will enforce our laws, not reward lawbreakers.

    Bilbray’s victory in Tuesday’s election not only sends an important message that immigration enforcement is a winning political issue, but is one that touches the staff and board of directors of FAIR on a personal level. Prior to running for the vacant congressional seat, Bilbray served as a consultant to the organization.

  5. Yes it is. I think people somehow view it as racist to not reward people in the US illegally. In fact, I’m tempted to use this argument the next time I’m in traffic court – “but your honor, if we can give amnesty to those illegally using resources and living in our country without paying taxes, then I deserve amnesty for my speeding ticket.”

    However, Bush baby and his team of morons know good and well that our economy is extremely dependent on Mexican workers. I do support giving them legal work permits. Such permits would give them some limited protections against being taken advantage of by employers, but should also limit access to public resources and not allow for their children to be born as citizens (which would require a constitutional ammendment).

    To not do so would cause tremendous inflation.’re not going to get prisoners to work our orchards and fields (ever try to get good work out of a captive workforce..ain’t gonna happen) and home prices would skyrocket if contractors were limited to totally legal workers.

    And yes, I do think the construction industry needs to clean out its illegal work force. In border states, the widespread use of illegal labor has kept wages down for decades, thus no one views it as an honorable trade anymore.

    I have no problem with paying more for construction but as the wife of an electrical contractor in TX, I can tell you that HE has huge problems getting workers that are worth a darn (no he doesn’t use illegal labor). The current wages probably have a lot to do with the lack of quality labor but he’s even tried paying more than prevailing wages and there is just not a pool of good workers anymore. It would temporarily cripple the industry but maybe that change is worth it.

    Like Bill Maher said “let’s see Bush try to build a 2000 mile long fence without using Mexican labor.”

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