Question by lynsteph74: Internet disappeared?
I am running Windows XP on an HP pavilion, I am set up as the “owner”, my son has his own little sign-on to it, as well…and that is about the extent of my pc knowledge…I USED to have (up until yesterday, anyway) Internet Explorer hooked up with its own icon (big blue “e”), as well as the sbc global blimp icon. I prefer the “e”…and it is set to go directly to my homepage, etc, etc.

Yesterday, I noticed that I did not have the “e” on my desktop anymore, and I also was missing the big blimp icon, but the smaller blimp in the bottom right, was still there. Thinking maybe my son had somehow just moved the icon, I went to “Start” “All Programs”, and Internet explorer…nothing. I tried the small sbc blim con, nada. I tried sbc help, nothing…I kind of thought maybe the cable was disconnected in some way, but today, I was able tog et on yahoo im, and from there to email, from there, to here, so I HAVE internet access….just by some weird back-door….please help???

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Answer by Dee Con Gested
start, control panel, system restore and go back to the day you had it working well, otherwise update windows too, start, all programs, windows update and tht should help.
also the little e on the taskbar is your IE in quick start use that, or right click the start button, propertys and then add it to it, good luck!

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  1. Try to find Internet Explorer in START- ALL PROGRAMS. When you find it, RIGHT-CLICK on it and choose SEND TO DESKTOP (CREATE SHORTCUT). That will put another E on your desktop for you.

    It should still have your HOME PAGE set correctly.


  2. This is a simple answer, and do not worry, unless XP doesn’t have this, because I’ve never really used XP. But anyway, just go into the start menu, push control panel, and then somewhere in there, there should be a program access and defaults. That’s the way it is in Vista anyway. Anyway, just click on it, and then look and see if there is a Internet explorer, and then see if its checked as being able to be used.

    However, if there is no program access and defaults thing in there, then just go back to the control panel, and go into uninstall a program. But remember not to uninstall anything, just look to see if Internet explorer is still installed. If so, then just go to your start menu, push search computer, and just search for Internet explorer. Once it finds it just create a shortcut to it onto your desktop.

    On the other hand, if it says in the uninstall programs thing that there is no Internet explorer, then just go to this website on

    If you have anymore questions, contact me at [email protected]

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