Question by Jason R: How to tame “Add or Remove Programs” into uninstalling a very stubborn Java Runtime Enviornment U.5 V.11?
Here’s the story: I installed Java Runtime Enviornment Update 5: Version 11 earlier this evening as a replacement for a succeeding version of Java.
Somehow, the installation halted in the midst of progressing – to discover subsequent from re-boot that it installed improperly. In any event, I’ve tried several un-installation utilities – none of which thus far has succeeded in removing all traces of Java Runtime Enviornment Update 5: Version 11.
I need everyone’s help to resolve this problem. If anybody is knowledgeable about any DECENT uninstalling utilities so I can move forward in life and return to playing RuneScape, inform me along with sources to help prove the validity of the contribution. All contributors will hereby be considered; and amongst the best of contributors’ will recieve 10 points as a reward.

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Answer by golfer2
This is probably the best uninstaller you’ll find.;en-us;290301

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4 thoughts on “How to tame “Add or Remove Programs” into uninstalling a very stubborn Java Runtime Enviornment U.5 V.11?”

  1. Get the program “your uninstaller pro”, handy program that will uninstall anything, properly, will delete all normally left-over files that the normal installer misses and remove appropriate registry entries. I’ve been using if for years.

    I linked the pro version I found via Google search. 😉

    You will need “WinRAR” to extract it.

  2. you can used system restore to remove that thing and restore the original set up

    just go to START; All Program; Accessories; Sysyem Tools then Click the System Restore.

    Choose Restore Computer to Earlier Time then Choose the Date When you want to Restore. choose the date which is earlier than the date you install the JAVA…

  3. some versions of Windows Installer are sometimes getting cranky,while other installers just like UN Install Shield is not getting cranky,so my advice to you is that,install updates for your Windows Installer and don’t install programs with those cranky versions of Windows Installer,my 3D Max software by Autodesk is runned by a cranky version of Windows Installer so if i un-installed the software,it can’t removed it says:operation aborted uninstallation aborted.Anyway,Good Luck,Hope this help.

  4. Install a newer version along with the old-corrupted one.
    That newer version will re-write all necessary registry entries you need to uninstall the old one.

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