Question by Scottie”T”: how to Open an internet file?
I am working on web site for this. Using HTML.

Sounds like a dumb question. But hold on.

Ok. I have a file thats not commonly associated with windows programs. How do i make it so that when i click the file, it will open with a specified program? And not get and error message saying that its “not associated with any program”. (Firefox)

Asking because i get this error from Firefox. However, Internet Explorer opens the file fine with windows media player.

FYI… its an *.IFO file.

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Answer by spungoguy
Using Windows XP (I don’t know if this functionality still works with Vista), press and hold the SHIFT key and RIGHT-CLICK on the icon for the file (in Windows Explorer).

You will now see an additional option, “Open with…”

Of course, you still might not have any installed software to deal with that file!

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