Question by DAR: Have you ever heard of the “ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers, or IMAGE, program?”

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Answer by game over01
i had not heard about it but i find ur article interesting :

The Basic Pilot Program already has proven unreliable because it can’t pick up identity theft, and reports abound of cases involving legitimate workers who were wrongly targeted, said Mónica Guizar, employment policy attorney with the National Immigration Law Center, a migrant advocacy group in Los Angeles.

“IMAGE lumps together all worksite programs,” Guizar said. “It’s intended to simply hand over the responsibility and duty of enforcing immigration law to employers.”

Even with training, employers cannot turn into experienced document fraud investigators — and the result will be discriminatory firings, Guizar said.

Labor unions complained that IMAGE will give ruthless employers more legal muscle to quickly weed out workers looking to unionize. They also pointed out that labor violations — federal law provides rights to all workers regardless of their immigration status — will continue since the program doesn’t touch the issue.

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in my opinion the program encourages identity theft and it is just unworkable . i also think than it could bring a lot of lawsuits to employers who make mistakes or choose to make mistakes . i been paying attention to all this ( not this in particular ) an apparently any misunderstanding ( writing the wrong SS by mistake when being employed ) could take weeks to clear up and a lot of money to legal citizens .

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