Question by CycleR: Extra curricular good enough?
truth is I have been worrying about what to put into my “extra curricular” box for my College application
All I have is:

Track and Field:
3rd place city champions Junior Varsity (bronze)
Finished 9/100 in Freshman Grand Prix
FroshSoph 2nd place champion ship (Silver)

Voulenteer at Israel Beth medical center

Winner of school Science Fair

National Honor Society

participated in CPC walkathon

(i am also planning to attend a summer “research” program” on sciences) but im not putting it on the list because i have not acheived it yet.

What else can i add to my list?

If i get a 2100 On my SAT and 730s for Math SAT2 720 CHem SAT2 and 750 Bio SAT2
do i hvae a chance to get into John Hopkins University =/?

MY GPA is 89.8… ill get that to a 90 next year….

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Answer by V The Great
That’s really nice. However, I think that the SAT score has to be near perfect for a John Hopkins. Though you’re very well-rounded, some students applying to John Hopkins might be researching cancer, getting all fives on their aps, scoring 800s on their subject tests, and still not make it. It all depends on your essay and your interview. Don’t worry though. You might still make it.

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