I have a small business and a website now i want to market it through Internet. I have read little about SEO and PPC. I spoke to a few companies but they are charging beyond my capacity. Also i am not sure of their service. Can anyone suggest some good SEO consultant or affordable internet marketing company in India ( preferaly kolkata) ?

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  1. It is always difficult to find SEO for really small businesses because good SEO companies are very costly – the SEO consultants are no lesser. You can definitely find a lot of people claiming themselves as “SEO Experts” and would probably be ready to work for peanuts but in most cases these people would do more harm to your site than any good.

    I worked with a guy in Kolkata who taught me some good SEO stuff, you can try contacting him. He is a professional SEO consultant and works for various big companies but do provide some free tips if you would request. Also his blog is well rated among SEO consultants in India and has good stuff that might be helpful. Check his blog http://seo-kolkata.blogspot.com and request for some tips or you can try to hire him ( not sure of affordability though) that might be of help.

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