25 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. wow! i’m still learning how affiliate marketing works. thanks for your video.
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  2. great video and I like how you include other types of affiliate programs besides just places like click bank or cJ great job

  3. Sure… affiliate websites are nice but they take way too long for you to get paid.

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  6. Why Choosing a Niche is Important in Internet Marketing

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  7. Just a question though. When making a website, you dont have to go into detail about the product??

    How about if you have a site about Art and you’re promoting advertisments for like example adobe? will you need to know a brieft summary of the product to sell it? or can you just advertise it on you’re site with banners?? while talking about art?
    Or do you have to somehow link back the Art topic, back to the product that you’re advertising.

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  10. great video! I make a living from Affililate Marketing and this video pretty much explains it in a nutshell..

  11. Love this video.. I make a living from Affiliate marketing! and This pretty much explains it.. in a nut shell..

  12. Great Job – Nice information Joel – check out what we are offering Free….The camera love you!

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  15. Stunning video 🙂 Wow it gives learning so much thanks 🙂 Please watch my videos to learn same stuff 🙂

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