Question by sea shell: What do you do if you know your sister in law is doing fraud?
I just know found out that my sister in law let the cat out of the bag.
She has bought 3 million dollars worth of real estate on a single income. Her husband is a lawyer but you cant tell me hes bringing in tons of money. He hasn’t worked in a year and she made him quit his lawyer job and she is a stay at home mom.
She hasnt made a house payment of almost 2 years and I was told through family she has taken a letter head from Washington Mutual and put in some story and acted she was the company and took it to 3 of the credit beuros to take off late payment digs. So she fraudulently took a letter from WaMu and did what they called “CUT & PASTE”
also I heard she did cut & paste and filed for forbearence. Which is if you qualify for financial hardship. I beleive she made her husband quit his job just so she can stay home and not pay a house payment. But she did every frauduently !
She has also ordered nice things over the internet, chandilliers, Neiman Marcus watch for $ 5,000, the Wii, Patio furniture, clothes, wall tv’s, and told her credit card she never got the items. She does this stuff allllllll the time. Even a nice hotel suite she will stay in and make a huge stink over the stupidest stuff and they will cut the bill in half. Its amazing how much she gets away with !
She also let one of the houses go for “quick sale” and she said it never went on her credit. she claims she knows someone at WaMu ! I think she did another “cut & paste” and did something frauduently with the credit companies so its not on her credit.

Is there anything I can do to get her what she deserves ? Ive been her sister in law for over 13 years and she has always thought she was better than me. She thinks driving a Mercedes and Range Rover and having 3 million worth of property is cool. Its all material and she’s a cold hearted who is very manipulative.
Any advice to put her where she belongs. 🙂
Ummm NO IM NOT JELOUS ! I have nice things. I have a nice car, a Jaguar thank you ! I have a beautiful house. I pay cash for everything I have. Except the 2 cars and house. They are financed.
No I wouldnt do what she’s doing in a heart beat. I beleive in morals and doing whats right. cheating, lying and steeling is not right. I wouldnt do what shes doing.

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Answer by wizjp
Live a good life and leave vengence to the law and God.

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  1. Avoid her, ignore her. It will all catch up with her. Just be patient. And don’t talk to her any more than you have to.

  2. You need to mind your own business and go down for it if that is really going on. For all you know she could have come into some money the legitimate way and did not let you know for obvious reasons.

  3. If I were you I would call Chase Bank (they now own Washington Mutual), her credit card company and the IRS and let them know what is going on. You could also call the police consumer fraud division and let them know. Sounds to me like she’s going to get what’s coming to her. Good for you!

  4. Sure, you said it right in your posting. Contact WaMu….let THEM know what is going on. I highly doubt they would appreciate this type of thing going on. Contact your local Attorney General. They love things like this. Big time fraud. This sounds like even jail time for her.

    You know, I HATE people like that. They act like they are so good and so perfect and way better than you and the whole time they are doing something illegal or immoral and they think because they have all these nice things, it is ok and their plastic “social standing’ is just fine. Well, its not. We all could do things that are illegal, if we wanted. We all have that option. But for some of us, that is simply not an option as I just dont think it is worth my freedom. I value it way more than some new SUV or million dollar properties. And besides, they usually piss someone off, like you, and end up going down for their actions. It always comes out.

    So, I would do it girl. Maybe if she had been a little nicer and less conceited, maybe. But thats not the case. Hey, paybacks are a bitch.

  5. !st of all its none of your business. You didnt see her do any of these things, and by the time it reached you it was greatly exagerated. Its obvious your brother is in on it, or else he is just plain stupid.The credit card co will do an investigation, and she will get caught if she did something fraudulent. And you dont get to stay in your house for 2 years/24 months and not make payments..that is pure BS.

  6. I think if you could do that you would too. she just has more balls.

    Leave it up to god anyway. Shell get whats coming to her eventually.

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