Question by nice guy: pls answer it?..plsssssssssss?
Which of the following statements was made in defense of financial incentives? (Hint: If you don’t know the expression “a Pandora’s box,” consult a dictionary or try searching on the Internet for information.)

A. “The marketplace will determine what organs cost.”

B. “…financial incentives will open up a Pandora’s box.”

C. “This is nothing more than a sale.”

D. “We see little moral value in burying perfectly good organs.”

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Answer by emaleariel
I’m not sure what you’re asking!? You are offering a hint to the very question you’re asking, which would imply that you already know the answer. Which of the statements was made… where? In a movie? A speech? A book? It can’t be “B” as opening up a Pandora’s Box would not be an incentive for anything. Can’t be “A”, that also doesn’t make sense as an “incentive.” So between “C” and “D” I’d have to go with “C”.
“D” *could* be seen as an incentive, but “C” is the one I’d go with.

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