Question by Right Said Fred: Are these actions / words funny??!? Help me out!!?
Here they are:
1. Hitting a door with a magazine instead of a hammer. (to nail something in)
2. Threatning your own grandchild that you’re going to “crack” their head open.
3. Somebody saying at a garage sale “this is worth way more than 5$ ” for something that is broken (plate). and coming back and paying for it with $ 20 in coins.
4. Posting on the internet “does anyone else have this SSN and post their real ssn with their name and DOB.
5. An elderly man spreading stew called “rat-a-tat-tat” (aka ratatouille, he says it weird) around his neighbor’s front yard and then explaining to his neighbor that “it attracts all the little boys”
6. Talking to someone and all of a sudden having them say “I’m gonna write that in my little black book!” and then they pull a pencil out of their crotch, and pretend to write in their hand like it’s the book.
7. A man hanging his tidey whities over his neighbors fence to dry and they have yellow and brown stains on them.
8. Telling your grandchild: ‘I’ll crash this car and I don’t mean on accident!!” because there acting up.
9. Watching your neighbor with out them knowing through the window stopped in front of your house on their bike staring and making weird faces at your house.
10. Doing yard work and hearing a knock on the window and looking at your neighbor’s house and seeing them peering through a hole in their window shade. (like literally seeing their eye through a hole they made in the window shade.)
Yeah I spelled it that way just for you picador. Plus, I’m 35 so who you calling young!!
picador is an idiot !!
picador is an inquisitive idiot. No stupid answers!!!! Why don’t you read. I’m very sorry, your the kind of people I HATE!!!
Oh yeah and picador has no scence of humor. OOOOOOOO I hope I didnt spell anything wrong.
PS: acshons, ansers, asc, yahew, funy, new e hav too clik tha sumit butun.

Put that in your pipe and SMOKE it.

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Answer by picador
It may be to young folks, but not to me. However, your spelling, but for threatEning, is excellent. So good for you.

Edit – I had always associated puerility with chronoligical age. Thanks for setting me straight on that.

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