Mark Anastasi Interviews Social Media Expert Shaqir Hussyin — On How To Make $40000 a Month with Social Media! For FREE Social Media & Internet Marketing Training Register Here (FULL Content Webinars. No Pitch) -Using these trainings, i have been able to generate 5 Figures+ per month… Shaqir Hussyin speaks at the Social Media Millionaire Summit at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel, in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs, there was well over 1300+ people that attended Mark’s event that week. Spoke with Jani G on Social Media and how to make huge amounts of cash utilising the social media platform available for everyone to use to market their online business… also revealed his FAMOUS twitter marketing sniper method, where he WOW’ed the audience by finding RED HOT BUYER LEADS…. Live on Stage! Mark Anastasi holds several high end seminars in London every year, attracts some of the net’s leading speakers, and budding entrepreneurs that are new to internet marketing and advanced marketing, his newest event Mark Anastasi Clickbank Millionaire Event In London is being held next month, so if you have not had the chance to make it out yet, you still have the opportunity to attend the next free marketing event before the year is over! I highly recommend it, and hopefully, I’ll catch you at another upcoming Mark Anastasi seminar in London! (do come and say Hi) Spoke On Mark Anastasi Marketing Event in London With

12 thoughts on “Mark Anastasi Grills Shaqir Hussyin – Make $40000 Mo With Social Media!”

  1. well done Shaq.You’ve got a talent to inspire people to take action .You are example ,i’m really glad i know you man.Thank you for all your help and inspiration.All the best .Elena

  2. Shaqir, Your hard work is paying off. You’re a true entrepreneur that knows how to make it happen.
    Thanks for all your help!

  3. Shaqir, your hard work is truly paying off. You’re a true entrepreneur who knows how to make it happen.
    Thanks for all the help you’ve given me!


  4. cheers peeps!!

    i’m noting this down my best day has been over 350 leads in ONE day. i’m goin to do 1000 leads in a SINGLE day hahaah (within the next 2 months)

    Shaqir 😉
    P.S also gonna do a $100,000 In a SINGLE day. This Year!! 2010.
    Love you all!! ha

  5. Congrats Shaqir! Your success is very well deserved. Wishing you much, much more success in life!


  6. wow awesome. Congrats to all your success Shaqir! Great to hear that you had a huge leap of progress.

    Jim Chao

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