Question by JoeBroszluvver: Jonas Brothers Front Row Tickets?
Okay….so I want to get front row tickets/seats -OR- atleast the first 20 rows or so. But they have to be NEAR THE STAGE!!!So…since I knowthat you can be part of the ” pre sale ” by joining the FanClub…which is sooo much! SOOO…I went to the box office & they were like ” WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PRESALES OR BUYING TICKETS OVER HERE ” They were NO HELP AT ALL! Sooo how do I get front row tickets ?!?!?!?!Where do I get them ?!?!?!?!

If you cant help me with those questions what about this one…

” HOW DO OTHERRRR FANS GET FRONT ROW TICKETS?!?! Other than winning them by a radio station & stuff ?!?!?!


Is it true that NOW you CAN’T buy the tickets in the box office?Cuz in the ” WYLMITE TOUR” you could have but then at the end of it you couldn’t! It was only by ” THE INTERNET “!!!!!

Should I or Shouldn’t I join the fanclub?

P.S ” The fanclub is $ 60 then the Tickets r like $ 70 !!!!

Plzzzzz Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ummm…okayy but how do I tell ” Ticketmaster ” I want up close seats ?
Okayy…first of all 60 is not alot for me…but I am planning to go to 6 of their concerts soo….I need 3 tickets for EACH! Then the tickets r like $ 70 which is no problem but with ticketmaster in the end it’s like $ 100 &&& I need INFO because tomorrow is the PRE-SALE! GOD!UGHH! HELP PLSZ!

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Answer by bonusJonasVIPFanClub
okay you have to join the fan club and on the day of the pre-sale they give you a code and that get them

How To Use The Ticket Pre-Sale System:

To take advantage of the current Ticket Pre-sale, please follow these quick steps:

(1) Visit the following link:

(2) Find the show you want to go to and look under the column called ‘Fan Club Tickets’.

(3) If you see ‘GET TICKETS’ then there are still pre-sale tickets/passcodes for that event. Otherwise, it will state “ALLOTMENT GONE” which means there are no more presale tickets available.

(4) After you click ‘GET TICKETS’, you will be shown a page confirming the show you chose and you must read and agree to the terms of the Pre-Sale System on

(5) After you click the checkbox to agree to these terms, you can continue to the next step.

(6) If you are already logged in to, just click continue. Otherwise, you will see a login form so enter your username and password here, then click continue.

(7) The next page again confirms your selection. If it is correct and you want to obtain the presale link for this event, click continue.

(8) The next page provides you with the special presale link to a ticketing agent (i.e. Ticketmaster) where you will go to actually order the tickets.

This page also provides many details about the pre-sale so review it carefully.

You will also receive a confirmation email with the same details.

(9) The ticket agent will send you an order confirmation email after you successfully order your tickets.


:::: Presale Ticket Limits ::::

A code is good only for the purchase of up to 4 tickets. If you buy less than the maximum limit of tickets, the remainder does not carry over to additional shows or transactions. Ticket quantities may vary based on availability.

:::: Create your Ticketmaster Account ::::

Many of the member presales are facilitated by Ticketmaster. We highly recommend you create your Ticketmaster account, and sign in to it, before the tickets go on sale. This is to ensure that you will not find out at the last minute that you’ve forgotten your Ticketmaster password or need to set up a new account while you are trying to check out your order.

Please note: this Ticketmaster account is separate from your account and there is no charge to register.

If you don’t already have an account with Ticketmaster or if you have forgotten your password, please visit the following link:

If this did not answer your question, please feel free to

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  2. Just go to ticketmaster, and tell them you want to be up close.

    It’ll be expensive, but cheaper than joining a fan club, AND paying for tickets.

  3. people have connections. if you dont have connesctions and dont win radio contests your outta luck.

  4. I have the exact same problem. What I am going to do (since I am already a member for team Jonas) is I’m going to buy tickets from the presale andd since you dont really know what seats you are going to get I’m just gonna hope for the best. Then, I am also gonna buy the best tickets on ticketmaster for that concert. When i find out what tickets are better I’m gonna take those and sell the worse ones to my friends. hah… that sounds kinda mean but oh well.

    Hope you get your front row tickets! đŸ™‚

    p.s. yess i know the fanclub i like $ 60 and tickets are $ 70, but with it you get a preorder of their cdand dvd… and you get many contests to meet them and stuff!!!

  5. well.. the only way to get presale.. is really by joining the fanclub..

    which in my head.. is not a good idea.
    i joined the fanclub.. and there were not much GOOD SEATS..
    in fact.. most of the members were complaining due to the lack of internet access.. like it was hard to access the site due to all the peopel trying to buy the tickets first.. you know what i mean?

    to be honest.. just wait tyll the actually sale day..
    because they seem to save all the good seats for the public instead of the fanclub…

    i would know.. cause i joined..

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