www.homemlmsuccess.com In this video I am sharing what has been the talk lately of differences between network marketing and internet marketing. There is a big difference when it comes to building a long lasting business. Myleadsystempro has them both covered. Although being in the home base industry myself I like the approach of relationship building. That is the core of myleadsystempro and has been very very effective for many people. We must separate the two to be a perfect and effective Leader. Brian Fanale was talking about this same subject today on our morning wakeup call the we have for all members and guests of myleadsystempro. If you are not sure what myleadsystempro is it is an attraction marketing system used to build ourselves and attract people to us on a one on one relationship basis. Remarkable system with tons of training and Brilliant Leaders from different business backgrounds. Check us out!!! http

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