Question by Offkey: I need to find the term for “Marché Public” (see definition)?

I need to find the way to say “Marché Public”.
It means: contract entered by the federal or local authorities to carry bout certain projects (ex: construction of a building, roadwork, etc.). It is done through auction or through invitation to tender.

I found “Market Overt(s)”, but it seems to deal with markets (where fruits and vegetables are sold).

And “Public Market” doesn’t seem o be the right term either.

I don’t even know if it makes sense in English! Do you have the same in Britain or in America? PLEASE, help me! I’ve tried everywhere (Internet and several dictionaries) but can’t find anything that makes sense.

PS: can you say if you’re from the US or the UK?

Best answer:

Answer by Kevin E
In the US, where I am from, such projects are called “public works projects”. The process of finding a company to do the project is called “procurement” or “contract procurement” and the specific process is called a “bid”. The government establishes specifications for the work to be done and issues an “invitation to bid”. The lowest responsible bidder gets the job. In this context, the word “responsible” means that the company must be capable of meeting the minimum specified requirements.

So, the exact term you are looking for is “public works bid”.

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