Question by freedomwins: How long does it take to get a real estate for sale sign in your yard?
Our house went on the market a week and a half ago and still no sign. It has been on the internet for 10 days. My husband called the realtor a few days ago and politely asked about it, and they said they are working on it. We are going with a major company – Keller Williams. I’m just anxious to get this house sold. We are asking a very low, very good price for it because we have to relocate. When we bought our house, we found it by driving through the neighborhood ( very nice neighborhood ) and seeing the “for sale” sign, we didn’t find it on the internet, so it is important. Typically how long does it take? I don’t want to keep calling and being a pain in the butt.

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Answer by Jake T.S.
how much money ‘ya got?

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  1. u can post anything in the front if you like–like your own sign–moving sale…………

    get the name and # of their sign company.

    call the broker; he-she is the boss.

  2. Make a “For Sale” sign and put their phone number on it. In crayon. They will replace it with one of theirs.

    I never heard of Keller Williams, but that doesn’t mean they are no good. The housing market is in the dumpster right now, you are competing with foreclosures and such at bargain basement prices.

    Good Luck,


  3. Keep calling and being a pain in the butt-this is part of the advertising that you are supposed to get when you hire a Realtor to sell your house.
    Generally, my boyfriend has his up the day the papers are signed, or the next day, at the latest, because so many leads seem to come from people just cruising through the neighborhood and seeing it.

  4. It should have gone up within a week of the house hitting the MLS. Maybe they don’t think there should be a sign there (not all houses for sale have signs). Maybe they’re cheap or having problems with their regular sign people. BTW – the sign is mostly for people to know which property it is when they drive by (they will most likely see an ad or the MLS listing first, then drive by to see it) and to advertise for the listing agency. A neighbor of mine sold his house a couple years ago never had a sign. But, I think it’s because he was short selling and didn’t want to be embarrassed if the neighbors knew he had to sell at a loss. Still, the house sold in 2 weeks.

  5. Signs take a couple of hours, they simply call up their contractor. My guess is you have a very new agent and they have not ordered any signs for themselves yet.

    Call the BROKER, not the agent, and ask to be reassigned to a different agent, one that has their act together.

  6. It’s usually done quickly, generally within a couple days but almost always within a week. I, for one, make sure it’s on the property as soon as humanly possible; the sign is one of the first three things I do immediately upon taking a listing (along with the MLS posting and flyers).

    Signs don’t last forever, of course–and in the occasions where I’m running out of signs, sometimes there’s a bit of extra overlap between taking a new listing and getting my next order in. (I much prefer having no sign at all on the property, vs. an older sign that’s looking faded or beat up.) In those rare situations, though, I always let my clients know the situation so they don’t just think I’ve forgotten.

    Despite all the current technology, the “for sale” sign is still a very cost-effective sales tool. However, yard sign or no, your buyer will most likely have found your house through their own agent’s MLS searches.

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