25 thoughts on “Google Adsense alternative”

  1. Click fraud is hilarious, a friend of mine clicked a bunch of ads to try and help me out not knowing thats click fraud, how the hell are the webmasters suppose to monitor what other users do? ughhh sooo dumb

  2. Get an income just for using Google’s search engine! Don’t believe me? Just check out my channel, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  3. I was making $35 a day with google adsence, i was just so happy, Then when I reach $200 I get an email saying I’v been banned for an unknown reason. I tried and tried to know why I was banned and they just wouldnt say why. It wasnt even click fraud because if it were they would of said so. They fucking suck 🙁

  4. Anybody out there ever heard of 6 dgr the website like myspace that pays u to get other people to join up. It’s free so come to my page to get the run down on it and sign up. HONEST TO GOD IT’S TOTALLY FREE!!!!!!!! When u sign up read carefully.

  5. Good stuff, but I really like how AdSense works.
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  6. guys bidvertiser are ok in terms of payouts- but the ads are shit and very unattractive- no one will even look at them – but thanx to swapw for for releasing this video

  7. How can use a service for just two weeks and then say that you “would highly recommend them to anyone”?

    In any event, thank you for the suggestions and best of luck.

  8. hey there i have a question
    when you make money from google adsense do you have to have a paypal account or where do you get paid?

  9. they mostly bans when ur near payout… it took me 1 and half year to reach my payout and they banned me at $99. Fuck them…

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