25 thoughts on “Exactly how to set up a blog for affiliate marketing”

  1. You have some interesting points, I have had some ups and downs with AdSense. Currently, I am not running AdSense on my sites…

  2. I really like your video and one reason I choose blogger also the only problem i have had if you have to many of there blogs pointing to my one blog again great video

  3. I tried it or I wouldn’t have posted it. Remember that the video is 3 years old. There are much better resources out there. I’ll have to post a sequel…

  4. has anyone tried this method and worked for them? How many hits have the increased to there website/blogs? What is the cost of rss feed generator?

  5. It depends on the strategy you want to use. If you want to market a product and be the authority affiliate for that product, use the product name or a keyword that applies to it. If you want to target an entire market, focus on that.

  6. okay so im at the part where it says to name it should i name it souly for one product or should i make it for all i decide to ppromote?


  8. I’m a brand new, wet-behind-the-ears noob, and have been researching alot about affiliate marketing. If anyone could help me out at all, I have many questions and would be thrilled to have even a handful of them answered. I believe that all I need right now to get started is just setting up a website or blog for it. If someone could help me out there, I think that I could get my feet under me, and get going. Anyone?

  9. Great video, but using Adsense can be very effective if done right. The exact answer to do that right is to put the amount of research and educating yourself at the same amount your going to make. By advertising to that specific market with blogs, forums and videos you could easily get enough traffic that will make you a living. That’s exactly what i did.Check out the videos on my channel to learn how I did with researching, WordPress and web design.

  10. Nice job explaining how to set up a blog, that will help alot of affiliate marketers….#!

  11. hey guys do u think this is a scam or real , ok you pay 25$ to become a active or paid member to start to be making 25$ per month depending on the members u have in my case i talk to the boss and im paid member for free , i have a sponsor which is the person who recruit me , the first 25$ is for me the second for the sponsor the third for me and so on every months the my members needs to pay 25$ to become active member and do the same thing i do ? is that real or scamming

  12. Great Information!!
    It’s good to see others who are
    into informing & sharing valuable
    insights with others. Keep up the
    great work!! Take care.

    Excited About Changing Lives,
    Ivan Harris, Sr., “The Value Creator”

  13. I highly recommend this video !!! It is a source of learning and will help you a lot !!! Try to see my videos also 🙂

  14. Yes, I know where you are coming from – I make sure my adsense comes after my affiliate links/images as I certainly don’t want to lose a commission – having tried blogs with and without adsense I personally have had better overall results with both, but hey, it’s all good info worth knowing about!

  15. And I still stick to my original statement. Imagine this: You write up a great, convincing blog post and inside of that post is an adsense block. As the reader begins being interested in the product, they see an ad for the same product and click on it. You just lost your commission…

    I’m just sayin…

  16. Excellent tips, Thanks!!
    The only bit I disagree with is about taking off adsense ads – only because I have found that typically only a small percentage of visitors buy an affiliate product – shame to lose out on all the other visitors. Having a few ads means you get a little extra income from visitors who don’t want to buy – but who may click on an ad.
    If you get lots of visitors it can really add up.

  17. Never stop learning ! I watch this video because I want to learn & thanks for sharing your video !!! Watch my videos also thanks 🙂

  18. any advice for a total beginner. like affiliate for idiots. finding a product then hit the promote button, and sending out the hoplink to where? is their a beginners site to start out with for free without getting to high tech with computer terminology? thanks

  19. Clickbank is big. You can also check out smaller affiliate marketing directories like RevShareNow for niche products.

  20. Blogger sites are free and avoid needing hosting . People need trafic and thats the hardest thing to create online. …

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