Question by [*ยง*]: Any legitimate online jobs out there?
Does anyone know of any jobs online that are legitimate? Working for an actual company? Don’t reply with “internet marketing” please, I’ve been doing that for awhile and it’s not what I’m looking for. im not going to buy something through your hoplink ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’re overseas right now, and I would really love something that I could do from home as far as over the internet. Etc* I’ve been looking and i just keep getting frustrated! Soo many scams or worthless things out there. Anyone know of something REAL for a decent 2nd income?

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Answer by RidinThe Storm Out IA HAWKS 10-2
Hey~ Starred your ? and hope you get a good answer- Wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Take care~

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  1. I have searched for such jobs since 2003, when I was laid off – and found absolutely nothing legitimate.

    With today’s high unemployment worldwide, there are no easy jobs available. those trying to tempt you with easy money are scams, they will just steal your identity or charge you credit card until you have to close it out.

    Wish the answer was more positive, but regretfully it is the honest truth.

    Check the previous questions asking essentially the same thing as you, in this forum. there are dozens of these questions asked every day. And the same scams being posted in answer, every day.

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