Im looking to make a little extra income and I was curious how I could or if I could make money part time blogging about WoW, and providing game tips and cheats, ect. I was thinking on but I dont know..

what could I do to make money in this topic?

2 thoughts on “World of War craft: Part time job?”

  1. Make characters, make them awesome with gear, abilities etc and sell them. My cousin makes more than 700$ per month doing this shit.

    His life is fucked up, but that’s good money for doing nothing just gaming.

    That bastard.

  2. I don’t think there is any money in giving game helps when there area already so many quest help websites and pvp help etc.

    Selling high level characters would definitly make money, but thats not how I would advise for you to make money. It takes forever and I think its against the rules

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