I also posted this question at “Books and Authors”. Based on the premise that people like talking about themselves and the fact that I’m curious to see what other political junkies are (simultaneously) reading…

On my nightstand (and surrounding floor area) I have:

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income by Darren Rouse

Ploughshares:Winter 2008-09 (a literary journal)

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin

On Writing Short Stories edited by Tom Bailey

Tuesday’s NY Post

August 2009 Runner’s World Magazine

Some old isues of the Conservative Chronicle

A few Norman Vincent Peale/Guideposts pamphlets

A “Grip Master” hand exerciser (to keep my fingers limber for the guitar!)
1) I’m not entirely convinced in the effectiveness of the Grip Master.

2) I forgot to mention my clock that projects the time onto the ceiling and a faux art deco lamp.

3) Oh yes. Dust.

8 thoughts on “What have you got on your nightstand?”

  1. Dust,cat knocks everything else off.It is next to 1 of my bookcases which is full of sci fi books,cerebral books are in front room.

  2. You should have a survival whistle, lithium battery led flashlight, emergency radio, cell phone etc. And, down just below your bed: a pr of tennis shoes, a set of clothes-in an earthquake-people get bloodied feet running through the house. Suit up first-grab your gear and head out. Be prepared.

  3. Alarm Clock
    Cell Phone
    US Constitution (free from Heritage.org!)
    First For Women magazine
    Prevention magazine
    1/2 bottle of water

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