I am a mother of two children that has tried everything as far as creating a second income in our home. I have done get paid to surveys and emails (takes to long, not enough money), I’ve tried ebay, blogging (not enough traffic), mystery shopping, selling my handmade jewelry online and affiliate programs. Nothing seems to bring in a substantial amount of income for me. I don’t want to return to the work force because I prefer to stay home with my children and childcare is way to expensive and I don’t want to risk going to prison if someone does something to my children (I’m serious about that). I have a very strong entreprenuer spirit and believe that I can do very well at home making money, I’ve just got to find the right outlet. I would like serious business minded suggestions please.

7 thoughts on “What are the best homebased businesses for a stay-at-home mother of two?”

  1. Well it’s not home based, but it’s something you can do at night for a few hours while the hubby is home with the kids. Find a Primerica office near you, go to a meeting and check it out. They help people et out of debt and become financially independent…it’s great and there is room for part timers and full timers. You can work 6-10 hours a week, on your own schedule, andf can earn $1000 plus in a month.

  2. You can make great money by becoming an ISO (independent sales organization) that offers credit card processing services (ex: offering businesses the option of accepting visa/mastercard at their business). You don’t need any experience but your web experience would be ideal, since you can promote it via a website.

    For more info, just check out http://www.gisoagent.com or call 800-571-2606 where a team member can walk you through the steps and compensation/earnings plan.

    Hope this helps!

  3. After I have my little girl I am going to try and get a job at the recreation center in the child care section. That way I can take her to work with me and know she is being taken care of. Hope it helps

  4. I am a working mom of a 17 month old and I would love to find a business I could do from home. I have tried a few of the things you have tried with the same problem (not enough money for me to quit my full time job). I am looking foward to seeing what kind of resonce you get. Sorry for not being able to answer your question.

  5. This is not done from home but I started cleaning people’s houses part time. I was actually working for a cleaning company previously cleaning offices after hours but I wasn’t getting paid enough for all the labor involved so I came up with a great idea to advertise locally to clean people’s houses. Some think I’m crazy but It’s something that I really like doing, I feel that I found my knitch in life. I love all the people I work for and building relationships with them along the way. Best of all I work for myself, which I think I’ve needed all my life. I like getting out of my house and having some me time and concentrating on my work takes my mind off of things I think about all day. I make $800 a month only working for 4 people and working 4 days sometimes less a week. Remember some things are not for everyone and sometimes you just have to get out there and work.

  6. Hey Honey,

    I understand how you feel. I currently work outside of the home and my mother takes care of my 1 year old. It tears me up even to know that I’m not with him when he’s with her! I finally decided to look at a company I was looking at for over a year to see what it would take. It was a great fit for me because it was a service I really believed in, affordable, and didn’t take much to get off the ground. You can see how it may meet your needs by visiting http://www.freedomathometeam.com/trhonda2000.

    Hope this helps & good luck!


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