I have strongly considered becoming a writer for my career pursuit. I currently have hit a dead-end in my career. I dropped out of college a couple of years ago to start my own business which experienced little success. I purchased liquidated merchandise and resold on eBay. I also ran a few websites. I only earned $18,000 my first year.

I then became frustrated on eBay and wanted to get away from it, because it was becoming more and more difficult finding inventory (to turn a profit), dealing with complaints, taxes, etc.

I then focused on writing and blogging. This hasn’t turned out as well as I had hoped. I currently run several websites and blogs (for the past year or so), which receive a total of about 20,000 hits per month, but only earn me about $250. I am getting bored with it, and I am interested in writing some novels and possibly non-fiction.

Everything I read online basically says, “Don’t do it, you won’t make any money, or you might not get published.” This worries me quite a bit, as I do not want to go from one failure to another.

Can you give me any advice on your experience in terms of getting published and income levels? I have been through a lot of frustrations, disappointments, and failures in life–and I feel I could write a lot about those topics. I would be thrilled with just $20,000 or more per year.

I also have a very frustrating physical hives condition which makes writing at home just about the only plausible career path I can take. I also hate to be around people too much (I am an INTJ personality).

Thanks in advance!

(Please excuse any typos as I am not worried about it for the sake of the question)

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  1. Think smaller. Don’t start out writing novels and expect to make money.

    Instead check out Kelly James-Enger’s book, Six-Figure Freelancing (I just finished reading it a couple weeks ago). It has a ton of great tips for readers just getting started, as well as those who are more established.

    It’s likely that you’ll need to market yourself heavily at first, but once you start getting referrals and repeat business, you’ll start to rake in more money. It’s also possible that you’ll have to work at a day job (most do) and use freelancing as your part-time job.

    Have you checked out writing for magazines and other publications? What about area businesses, who often need newsletters or other work done to communicate with their customers.

    Write novels in your spare time, not as your primary focus. Let’s face it: most novels don’t earn a ton of money. Writing a novel also puts all of your eggs in one basket. If no one will publish your work, you’ve lost everything.

    Writing for multiple clients spreads out your risk. If you lose one client, you may be upset, but it won’t (usually) break the bank. If you spend 6 months or more on a novel and lose out on any income, you’ll be much worse off.

    Freelancing is a pretty exciting business, but you do have to work hard to earn your keep. The trick is to get enough customers that you stop looking for work, and it starts to find you…but this takes time and effort (usually 2-3 years) to get serious.

    If you’re willing to spend the time and heavily market yourself, you might make $20,000 your first year. That breaks down to finding enough work that pays you $80 per day. This is an attainable goal, but you’ll have to work for it. Each year, it should get somewhat easier, due to referrals and repeat business.

    Hope this helps!

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